Case study

Ardent Rough Platform Removal

Ardent Rough Platform Removal

The Rough 47/8 Alpha facilities consist of the Alpha Production (AP) Platform, the Alpha Drilling (AD) Platform and a connecting Bridge.

Rough 47/8 Alpha is located approx. 29 km offshore Easington, United Kingdom in water depths of approximately 38 m LAT. Power to the platforms is taken from a subsea umbilical from Rough B to the AP platform and via bridge link to AD. Both platforms will be completely removed, and the jacket piles will be cut at 3m under seabed.

Ardent have been tasked to develop a solution for the removal of Rough AD & AP Platforms (including bridge link, topsides &  jackets) using an HLV to lift the modules and transfer to a nominated decommissioning yard.

Ardent have engaged Sealand to identify the methodology for topsides and jacket removal, including schedule and budget cost for the Engineering and procurement works.

To provide this the Scope was broken down into the following discrete packages:

  • GAP Review
  • FEED Study
  • Detailed Design

The desired end state of the platforms at the end of the 2019 Campaign is to have the platforms in lighthouse mode and ready for the arrival of a HLV at a later date for removal.

Work included:

  • Concept Screening
  • Cost, Schedule & Risk Modelling
  • GAP Assessment
  • Enabling Assets & Equipment Screening
  • P.L.A.N.C.
  • Structural Analysis
  • Data Review
  • Weight Control
  • Basis of Decommissioning
  • Lift Analysis
  • Onshore Disposal
  • Assurance & Risk Management