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BWO Catcher FPSO Mooring System & Hook-Up

BWO Catcher FPSO Mooring System & Hook-Up

Premier Oil – Catcher

Sealand Projects were appointed by installation contractor BW Offshore to assist with delivery of the Premier Oil Catcher FPSO mooring systems.

The Catcher offshore construction scope will be completed in 2 phases.

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Phase 1

The 1st Phase was completed in summer 2016 and included installation of a 12-leg single point mooring system inclusive of an STP buoy.

The mooring system consists of driven piles with a mooring leg made up of several sheathed spiral strand wire segments and studless mooring chain segments. The buoy will be left in an idle condition floating below the free surface.

The riser and umbilical systems shall be temporarily hung-off, following installation of the STP buoy in-Field. BWO will provide technical assistance for the operation of the STP buoy to enable these installation works.


Phase 2

The 2nd Phase of the work will involve the positioning of the FPSO in the vicinity of the STP buoy, recovery of the buoy to the internal turret mating cone, permanently securing the cone and permanent hang-off of the risers and umbilical’s.

Work included:

  • Port Review
  • Marshalling
  • Peer Review
  • Installation Support
  • Field Engineers
  • Knowledge Management
  • Planning
  • Management of Buoy Offloading
  • Coordination of
  • Buoy Tow
  • Coordination of Mobilisations
  • HIRA Coordination
  • Constructability Review