Case study

Joanne Umbilical Replacement Support

Joanne Umbilical Replacement Support

Conoco Phillips – Joanne

Sealand Projects were appointed by Conoco Phillips to assist with Joanne umbilical replacement.

The Joanne subsea manifold is controlled by the Judy platform via an electro-hydraulic control umbilical installed circa 1995.

The performance of the control umbilical has deteriorated to a level such that a decision has been made by ConocoPhillips (CoP) to replace the failing umbilical to allow the asset to continue operations and producing hydrocarbons. As part the project scope all control jumpers within the Manifold between SDU and SCMs were to be changed out.

Sealand Workscope

Sealand Workscope included:

  • Engineering support to develop workpacks, topside umbilical drop and pull-in winch supply and interface with subcontractors and equipment suppliers;
  • Analysis support to develop on-bottom stability, j-tube drop and pull-in loadings, lay analysis overview, verification of j-tube and bellmouth loading capacities;
  • Structural Engineering support to develop winch base design, bellmouth loading capacities, engineering design verification for the SWL of the umbilical pull-in head and drop out heads, modify the design of the drop out head and platform visit;
  • Draughting support to select the replacement umbilical route, PWA schematic drawings, workpack storyboards, structural fabrication drawings and P&IDs revisions;
  • Field Engineering support offshore on the Joanne Platform;
  • Geotechnical support to route soil assessment;
  • QA/QC advisor during the fabrication items;
  • Provision of Umbilical Consultant to advise on the pull-in/out procedure.


  • Equipment Procurement
  • Analysis Support
  • Structural Support
  • Installation Support
  • Field Engineers
  • Knowledge Management
  • Planning
  • Geotechnical Support
  • QA/QC Advisor
  • Draughting Support
  • HIRA Coordination
  • Umbilical Advisor