Case study

OGTC Platform Power Hubs

OGTC Platform Power Hubs


  • OGTC Decommissioning Life Support Systems
  • Call for ideas on Life Support Systems – ‘Power’

Current Issue

  • Platforms powered by diesel generators or gas turbines using produced gas
  • Powering diesel engines or gas turbines to run their machinery is inefficient from financial (Ops & Maintenance) and environmental reasons
  • During Late Life, Cessation of Production and Decommissioning activities (i.e.: well plug and abandonment etc.) significant power generation required
  • Increasing Operations, Inspection & Maintenance costs at a time where revenue stream from the facility may be dwindling


Reduce cost

  • Efficiency
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Import Cheaper Power
  • Reduce Power outages

Reduce Environmental Impact

  • Efficient Power Supply from Power Hub
  • Cleaner Power from National Grid
  • Avoid temporary Power Packages
  • Use existing technology, techniques and infrastructure

Solution – ‘Power Hubs’

  • Establish ‘Platform Power Hubs’
  • Power Hub will be able to generate sufficient power to support a number of in-field satellite assets
  • Power Hubs can be daisy-chained back to onshore power grid – using existing Windfarm substation supply connection
  • Reliable Power Source
  • Cleaner Power
  • Potential Revenue Stream for Offshore Wind infrastructure

The annual cost for power generation of typical 30MW/h O&G facility, using imported fuel gas, is £35m to £40m / annum.

Satellite Platforms (NUI) have typical moved to diesel generators for power supply, with annual cost of £500k / annum for diesel however trips are frequent, resulting in loss of production revenue of circa £1m / annum based on typical 7,500 bb/d production facility.  

O&G Host Facility

  • Reduces the OPEX cost for power generation for aging O&G platforms, especially as availability of fuel gas becomes restricted
  • Allows O&G platforms to cut CO2 emission and meet offshore targets
  • Reduces ABEX cost of O&G platforms as opportunity to decommission power generating plant / fuelling system pre-CoP
  • Affords opportunity for O&G Host Facility to export power to satellite platforms – potentially opening revenue stream in late life
  • Potential to incorporate data & comms link in power cable to allow opportunity for remote monitoring, inspection and control from onshore
  • Provides surety of power supply, reducing trips on ageing generators, reducing impact on production losses

Windfarm Developers

  • Minimal CAPEX upgrade to existing Assets / use incumbent O&M contractor to facilitate
  • Future proof new facilities currently under design
  • Potential future revenue stream for late life management of Asset
  • Will allow business stream opportunity for divestment of aging wind farms to potential Tier 2 / Tier 3 operators
  • Extend wind farm life – delaying ABEX spend / opportunity re-energise


Offshore Transmission Owner (OFTO)

  • Potential future revenue stream for export cable
  • Extend field life of export cable
  • Will allow opportunity of divestment of export cable infrastructure to new OFTO operators