Case study

Port Selection for Catcher Project

Port Selection for Catcher Project

Premier Oil – Catcher

In 2016, Sealand Projects were appointed by BW Offshore to identify a suitable UK North East Port that could used as marshalling facility for the FPSO mooring chains, piles,  temporary offloading facility for the APL Turret Buoy and reception facility for the FPSO post transit from Singapore prior to tow to field.

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Sealand projects developed a function specification, detailed logistics & marshalling plan and RFQ for the Port Service Contract.

The NE ports were pre-screened to identify potentially suitable candidate which were the subject to an Management / Operation / Safety Audit to assess suitability and bench marked against project requirements and KPi’s.

Following the audits and tender review, Sealand recommended that Nigg was used for mooring, chains,  Firth of Forth Port was used for offloading of the APL Buoy and Invergordon for the FPSO.

BW Offshore adopted our recommendation and engaged Sealand Projects to Manage and Co-ordinate the UK Marshalling and Logistics through the life cycle of project

Work included

  • Port Facility Review & Gap Analysis
  • Cost, Schedule & Risk Modelling
  • Facility Safety & Environmental Management
  • Project Assurance & Risk Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Management
  • Benchmarking Review
  • Collaborative Working & Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Assessment