Case study

Premier Oil Reel Repair

Premier Oil Reel Repair

Premier Oil has 4-off. 8.6m dia. reels currently stored c/w product in the Port of Blyth. Premier Oil engaged Sealand Projects to perform an inspection of the reels to determine suitability for offshore use and transpooling scope.

During the initial inspection, Sealand identified areas of concern for each reel and provided technical support during repair works.

The 4-off reels were re-inspected and prepared for offshore and onshore transpooling scopes under the management and supervision of Sealand Team

Sealand Projects provided engineering support for the reel repair, including:

  • Detailed analysis models for each defect scenario;
  • Scope of Work for Access, Cleaning, Repair & Inspection;
  • Engage and supervise subcontractors;
  • Facilitation of risk assessments;
  • Management and coordination during site activities and structural assessment;
  • Interface with client.

On completion of the reel repair a certificate of conformity was issued. Sealand Projects also installed fully encapsulating environmental protection covers on the reels.

Sealand Projects also coordinated the lift and shift of reels within the port due to port expansion activities.

Loadout and transpooling of the products is due to commence Q2 2019 and Sealand Projects will provide engineering support to Premier Oil to facilitate the activities.


  • Inspection of Reels
  • Access, Cleaning and Repair of Reels
  • Structural Analysis of Reel Defects
  • Onsite management and Co-ordination of subcontractors