Accelerate to Net Zero
Delivery Roadmap

The Delivery Process

Sealand’s Net Zero team can help businesses of different sizes and complexities.

Our software has a function to enter historical datasets, so whether you are a business who has previously carried out carbon reporting or a company wanting to measure their baseline footprint for the first time, our services can be adapted accordingly.

Our delivery roadmap follows a phased approach including:

Phase 1:

Onboarding and framing, whereby compliance, boundary setting and baseline reporting period are established.

Phase 2:

Emission measurement, including a SECR compliant Carbon Footprint Inventory Report & visualised data output dashboard.

  • Net Zero target setting.
  • Carbon reduction plan (PPN 06/21 compliant) & Net Zero strategy planning.
  • Offsetting exploration.
  • Monitoring and year-on-year benchmarking progress.