Accelerate to Net Zero
Why do it?

How your business will benefit?

The UK and Scottish government, clients and employees are now requiring businesses to take responsibility for their own environmental and carbon impact.

Not addressing the climate crisis can carry a big business risk, companies who directly measure and report on their sustainability, create opportunities throughout their operations.

Carbon footprint reduction measures can also reduce operational cost.

benefits of Carbon Management

The benefits of Carbon Management include:

  • Competitive advantages when bidding in tenders, companies who have robust carbon reduction plans in place can significantly improve their tender scoring. In addition, it is fast becoming a requirement in government tenders for companies to report and manage their carbon emissions.
  • Attracting and retaining employees, in particular younger generations place significance on working for a company whose environmental standpoint aligns with their own.
  • Becoming a role model on sustainability, showcasing a moral responsibility for our planet.
  • Increase your adaptability for future legislation, at present the UK government have imposed regulations including SECR and ESOS on large businesses to report and reduce their carbon emissions, there is no doubt that this will soon be pushed down the supply chain to SMEs.
  • Reducing costs, as energy efficiency measures commonly decreases your monthly bills.
  • Provide your business with a market differentiator, by acting on your businesses’ sustainability you will have a unique merit against your competitors.
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