Offshore IT
Offshore IT

Knowledge, experience and expertise in all project requirements and understanding of vessel or rig limitations

Providing offshore IT services in partnership with Waytime Technologies.

This support can be offered for new builds or new charters, vessels or rigs. Together, we have experience and expertise in all project requirements and an understanding of vessel or rig limitations.


  • Project specification: we will work with you to define exactly what you need
  • Review of your IT requirements and specifications
  • Project /reporting requirements
  • Third party contractor requirements
  • Recreational requirements
  • Review of existing systems on vessel or rig
  • Availability of satellite and networking systems
  • Agree system specification
  • Design: we’ll work with the vessel or rig supplier to determine what they provide and how we can implement your system
  • Procurement: we can procure the equipment required and work with your logistics team to ensure the kit arrives at the right place at the right time


  • Implementation: installation and configuring your systems as defined in the design phase
  • Training for the offshore team – use, performance and specification of the system



  • Ongoing IT support – including protection and security.
  • System monitoring
  • Vendor management
  • Education and training

Offshore IT – Security and System Protection

A review of the system and threats to provide security and mitigation. We look at all the following security aspects:

  • Ensure Firewalls are in place and adequate
  • Virus protection software is in place and kept up to date, provide malware protection
  • Restricted access
  • Clean Servers and Computers between projects:
  • Archive project files
  • Remove non standard software
  • Remove unwanted files
  • If required we can remove, securely destroy and replace hard drives.


Offshore IT – People

  • Management Team with significant track record working in the offshore and IT industries
  • Dedicated team of IT specialists with vast experience of onshore and offshore IT support and consultancy
  • Worked with numerous suppliers and third party contractors and understand their needs and requirements
  • Have BOSIET certified staff so we can visit your offshore locations

Recent Offshore IT Projects:

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Pikka Development Project Standalone STP Facility

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