Pathway to Net Zero
Carbon Accounting & Reduction Planning

Are you experiencing pressure from clients or customers on your ESG status or feeling a sense of moral obligation as a business leader, to take account of the impact your business has on the planet?

Our Carbon Accounting and Reduction Planning Package is a great option for businesses who want to accelerate progress on their sustainability journey. The main objective of this package is to leave businesses with a clear and accurate measurement of their carbon emission footprint and equip them with a robust and realistic pathway to net zero. This incorporates a timeline for carbon reduction measures to be implemented in 5-year increments, making sure achieving net zero is attainable and does not heavily impact businesses continuity.

benefits of Carbon Management

The integrated package can be delivered in four months and includes:

  • An onboarding workshop, which establishes a company’s emission inventory and reporting boundaries and responsibilities
  • Activity data identification and retrieval
  • Emission calculations using our very own Carbon Accounting Tool, SEAZERO, which ensures verifiable and accurate results by using the most up-to-date government conversion factors and follows the GHG Protocol methodology
  • A Carbon Inventory Report (SECR compliant) and presentation of emission results to key stakeholders
  • The delivery of a Carbon Reduction Workshop and the production of a Carbon Reduction Plan, which details how each emission source can be reduced through a range of reduction measures to meet net zero targets
  • A Net Zero Strategy Document, which is visual summary of steps taken and lookahead, ideally to be used on a company’s website or within stakeholder engagement exercises

Sealand then offer an option for a carbon coaching package for the following years, facilitating businesses with the processes and tools needed to take carbon reporting and reduction responsibilities in-house. Through our experience in working with a range of businesses from varying sectors, we are well positioned to help your business meet net zero and join the global effort to stop climate change.

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