Pathway to Net Zero
Event and Project Footprint Analysis

Our SEAZERO carbon accounting tool can analyse the carbon emissions of a project or event over its entire lifecycle using activity data.

This will enable clients to understand the full carbon footprint of an event or project, through evaluation of emissions from sources such as raw materials, transport, purchased goods, energy use and waste.

By having a detailed emission footprint analysis, well informed carbon reduction initiatives can be implemented to reduce carbon emissions, promote green project and event practices and accurately identify necessary offsetting requirements for carbon neutral events.

We felt the enthusiasm of Sealand’s consultants really shone through during our project, as well as their knowledge and ability to answer all questions and keep the project stages moving. We also found the weekly breakdowns and reminders of actions to be completed extremely helpful.

Oak Tree Inn

In our journey to become net zero by 2040, we needed a clear pathway on how to reach this target, and that’s exactly what we got from Sealand Projects’ net zero service.

Naveed Qamar, HSE Director, PoA

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