Furgo Remote Operations Centre Visit

Furgo Remote Operations Centre Visit 2560 2020 Sealand Projects

We were delighted to visit Fugro’s Remote Operations Centre (ROC) in Aberdeen to see the amazing advances they are making in delivering remote and autonomous solutions. The Aberdeen ROC is part of a global network of centres delivering a wide range of services from remote survey support and ROV piloting to the full deployment of uncrewed surface vessels (USV) with onboard electric ROVs to execute offshore survey and inspection campaigns with access to the acquired data in near real time. The benefits of this approach are clear, not least for the environment with reduced fuel consumption and emissions but also for the wellbeing of personnel who can be removed from the offshore worksite, improving safety and work life balance. While the operation is already seriously impressive, Fugro have exciting plans for expanding and improving the offering via the introduction of ever more capable USV and ROV combinations as they aim to increase the range of operations they are able to carry out remotely.

The ROC visit was part of Sealand Projects Ltd commitment to ensuring our team keep up to date with the latest developments in technology and service delivery and we would recommend that anyone with an interest in subsea operations and offshore projects pay the centre a visit to see for themselves the work that Fugro are doing.

Massive thanks to Stephen Thomson for arranging the visit and to Jeff Richardson and team for accommodating us and we look forward to hearing about the continued achievements of the Aberdeen centre and wider remote network!

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