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Fluminense Mooring Lines Life Extension

Project description

The project was to perform life extension work on an existing FPSO mooring system. Through Maersk Supply Service, Sealand completed work scopes on eight of the nine mooring lines, with a primary focus on remedial work on three mooring lines.

The project included heading control of the FPSO, replacement of mooring lines, as well as installation and hook up of new mooring components.

CSV Maersk Achiever performed the offshore execution, along with two L-class anchor handling tugs used for FPSO heading control.

Key facts

Client: MSS/Shell
Location: Offshore Brazil
Water Depth: 725m
Dates: 12/19 – 01/20
Project Reference: P0305

Fluminense Mooring map

Package Management

Business Assurance

Carbon Management

Energy Transition

Engineering Design & Analysis

Marshalling, TransportInstallation & Field Support

Floating Sytems, Floating,Mooring & Hook up

Visualisation & Digitalisation

Our scope

Floating systems Towing, Mooring & Hook-up – Remedial work on the mooring system included replacement of old chains and polyester new mooring components.

Engineering Design & Analysis – Orcaflex models were created to analyse the mooring lines and determine the requirement for changeout in terms of heading control and FPSO positioning.

Visualisation and Digitalisation – A detailed 3D model was created of the mooring line system, identifying each component, its details and certification.

Marshalling, Transport, Installation & Field Support – Sealand facilitated operations for mobilisation of the vessel in Brazil and provided Field Engineers to manage the scope through to completion.

Fluminense Mooring Lines Life Extension


  • HIRA Facilitation
  • Heading Control Analysis
  • Installation Engineering
  • Field Engineers
  • Mooring Installation Analysis
  • Mobilisation Support
  • Draughting and Visualisation
  • FPSO Pull in support