Oil & Gas

Catcher EPRS

Project description

The Catcher Area Development incorperates Catcher North, Varadoro and Boreman.

Harbour Energy identified the requirement for review the emergency pipeline repair strategy (EPRS) that it is representative of the integrated Catcher Area.

Sealand were engaged to develop the EPRS to determine the commercial consequences of loss of integrity and evaluate the benefits of holding low load/ critical spares.

Key facts

Client: Harbour Energy
Location: NNS
Water Depth: 725m
Dates: 12/20 – 01/21
Project Reference: P0572

P0537 Ocean Clean up Map

Package Management

Business Assurance

Carbon Management

Energy Transition

Engineering Design & Analysis

Marshalling, TransportInstallation & Field Support

Floating Sytems, Floating,Mooring & Hook up

Visualisation & Digitalisation

Our scope

Develop understanding of the subsea infrastructure associated with the Greater Catcher Area, the inter-dependencies of the pipeline system and how it is operated.

Review the FMECA for the Catcher Area pipeline system to help define the key components and credible failure / repair scenarios to be considered in the study.

For each component identify:

  • Whether the failure results in partial or total loss of production.
  • Repair methodology to return component to service inc. major items of equipment.
  • Identify critical procurement items and associated lead times
  • Develop repair schedules with and without available spares
  • Determine (SPF) spares priority factor based on the likelihood of failure and the impact on production operations of having the spare available or not.

Prepare Catcher specific EPRS worksheets based on format developed for Solan.

Develop a single EPRS document for the Catcher Pipeline System that summarises the study activities and details the response required in the event of failure for each critical component.


  • EPRS Workshop Facilitation
  • Cost Analysis
  • Risk Compatibility analysis
  • Spares Priority Factor Assessment
  • Environmental Pipeline
  • Repair Summary
  • Mooring Analysis
  • Contour System Capacity Assessment