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OSA Ice Barge

Project description

Oil Search Alaska is pursuing the Pikka Development in the north of Alaska. This requires drilling of wells, construction of facilities and infrastructure, and subsequent production operations to produce and transport crude oil.

To support the facility, a Seawater Treatment Plant is to be provided on a barge to provide water injection facilities at the facility. This barge will be floated into a graving dock and ballasted to rest on the seafloor.

Sealand coordinated the T&I activities and interfaces of the barge from Batam, Indonesia, to South Korea for integration and onward dry tow to Alaska for final wet tow into position.

Key facts

Client: VME
Location: Alaska
Water Depth: 2m
Dates: 04/21 – ongoing
Project Reference: P0527

OSA Ice Barge
Ice Barge map

Package Management

Business Assurance

Carbon Management

Energy Transition

Engineering Design & Analysis

Marshalling, TransportInstallation & Field Support

Floating Sytems, Floating,Mooring & Hook up

Visualisation & Digitalisation

Our scope

Facilitate transportation through analysis & procedures for the following stages:

  • STP modules from Batam, Indonesia, to integration yard in South Korea via HLV
  • Wet tow of STP barge from South Korean yard to SHLTV
  • Dry tow of STP barge to Alaska
  • Offload of STP barge in Alaska
  • Wet tow STP barge to graving dock
  • Set down and ballast STP barge

Support installation of STP barge in Alaska including shallow water tow, pull-in to graving dock, temporary & permanent

OSA Ice Barge


  • Design Premise
  • Tow analysis
  • Method Statements
  • Project Execution Plan
  • Route plans
  • HSEQ documentation
  • HLV and SHLTV scopes of work
  • Ballasting and de-ballasting scopes of work
  • Tow Procedures
OSA Ice Barge