Oil & Gas

Sakhalin Island Pipelay

Project description

Maritime Construction Services BV and MRTS JSC, were awarded the contract for development of the Kirinskoye Gas Condensate Field (GCF) development as part of the Sakhalin III Project for RusGazDobycha LLC. Three Infield Pipelines were installed in around 75-90m water depth. A 20” Trunkline of approximately 29km length (with 100mm concrete coating) was installed from shore to the manifold location.

The pipelay activities were performed using the PLB Resilient for the infield lines and shore approach and the PLV Timas 1201 for the deep-water export line and PLET.

Key facts

Client: MCS
Location: Sakhalin Island, Russia
Water Depth: 10-20m
Dates: Q2 – Q4 2021
Project Reference: P0574

Sakhalin Island Pipelay

Package Management

Business Assurance

Carbon Management

Energy Transition

Engineering Design & Analysis

Marshalling, TransportInstallation & Field Support

Floating Sytems, Floating,Mooring & Hook up

Visualisation & Digitalisation

Sakhalin Island Pipelay

Our scope

Perform the installation engineering and develop the supporting documents for both the PLB Resiliant and PLV Timas 1201 campaigns including:

  • Shore Pull Analysis
  • Pipelay analysis
  • Mooring analysis
  • Pipe Clamp Design
  • PLET installation analysis
  • Rigging design
  • Pipelay Installation Operations
  • Vessel anchor patterns for shore approach
  • Plan and coordinate SIMOPs matrix for all infield assets using pipelay / dredging / trenching / umbilical lay / diving
  • Risk Assessment
  • Offshore Field Engineering Support
Sakhalin Island Pipelay


  • Pipeline Installation Manual
  • Installation sequence drawings
  • HIRA workscope presentation
  • Analysis Reports and Calculation
  • Design Verification reports
  • Rigging arrangement drawings
  • SIMOPs matrix for infield asset
  • Offshore Support
  • Mooring Assessment
  • Pipe Spacing Plan
Sakhalin Island Pipelay