Glasgow to Balloch Team Cycle

Glasgow to Balloch Team Cycle 2560 1920 Sealand Projects

As part of our ongoing wellness drive, and current activity for Paths for All, our Glasgow office team recently embarked on an afternoon of cycling from Glasgow to Balloch last Friday, and thankfully they were blessed with a good dose of sunshineğŸŒž on the day.  Following a busy few months, it was a much needed few hours out of the office, for some fresh air and open road for the guys, and a great opportunity for some team building.

They started off from the office at Tay House, setting off west along the River Clyde following the Loch Lomond cycle route through some stunning Scottish countryside🌳 on the way to Balloch, where they recharged at The Tullie Inn with some food and drinks to help aid them on their return journey !

Andrew Wallace said “it was a great day to get out and about and get some miles on the legs 🚴‍♂️, enjoying the local landscapes along the way. Hopefully next time more of our colleagues are able to join us !”