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The Ocean Ocean Cleanup

Project description

The Ocean Clean-up is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to develop advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. A key focus as part of this goal is to develop a system to commence clearing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP), an area three times the size of France where floating plastic has accumulated.

This particular project saw the deployment of System 002 (code named Jenny) deployed between two anchor-handlers in the GPGP.

Key facts

Client: MSS
Location: South Pacific
Water Depth: varying
Dates: Q3 2021 – ongoing
Project Reference: P0537

The Ocean Cleanup
P0537 Ocean Clean up Map

Package Management

Business Assurance

Carbon Management

Energy Transition

Engineering Design & Analysis

Marshalling, TransportInstallation & Field Support

Floating Sytems, Floating,Mooring & Hook up

Visualisation & Digitalisation

Our scope

Sealand have provided offshore support through Maersk Supply Services from early trial operations offshore the Netherlands in late 2020, to providing Field Engineers / Shift Supervisors to the anchor vessels upon full deployment of the Jenny system in the GPGP handling.

Offshore operations consist of a 6-day transit from Victoria BC, Canada to the GPGP and supporting The Ocean Cleanup, Marine Crew & support personnel to gather as much plastic as possible, including helping sort the plastic on the Vessel before return to shore.

The intention is to continuously have vessels clearing the GPGP here after employing multiple collection systems – Sealand are pleased and proud to continue to support this frontier project.

The Ocean Clean Up Picture


  • Field Engineers / Shift Supervisors
  • Interview contributions (documentaries / social media)
  • Field Engineers / Shift Supervisors
  • In-Field Reporting
The Ocean Clean Up Picture 3 with kenny (sealand employee)