The importance of Life Cycle Analysis

The importance of Life Cycle Analysis 1200 900 Sealand Projects

In recent times, investment communities are racing to find sustainable projects and clean technologies to invest in. But how do you rate sustainability from one project to another or one product to another ?

  • Where are the raw materials extracted from ?
  • What is the upstream and downstream distribution and transport carbon footprint?
  • How is the product used and then disposed of?

All of these questions have to be considered during the product / project development, to be classified as a “clean” product / project.

This can only be done by carrying out a detailed life cycle analysis.

Sealand can provide an accurate picture of your carbon footprint for any given product / project so that your investors can make an informed decision on which project and / or clean-tech to invest in.  For example, Project A may have 500tonnes of CO2 emissions whereas Project B may have 200tonnes, having this information readily available, makes it easy for the Investor to choose.

At Sealand, we have qualified sustainability experts with verifiable state-of-the-art software which can accurately measure the carbon footprint of your projects / products to identify the life cycle analysis of your investment options.

Please contact us if you would like more information, we are happy to have a discussion to help guide you through this.